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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Absentee and Norwegian Cuisine

Due to the course of human life continuing even when unnoticed, the every four year cycle has returned again.

It's election time...

This is a big deal for me because I have never filled out an absentee ballot.  I figured it would be pretty easy.  I could log-in to a secure, government server, punch my ballot online, and be done with it.  Seriously, this was the 21st century, I sort of expected there would be an app for it.

Unfortunately, this isn't the case...

Though, with good reason, it seems the internet is still the wild west...

So, while I was able to register online (oddly, they make you go through the whole registration process like you're signing up to vote all over again...), I had to print out my actual ballot and mail it in.

The process was very convoluted and almost self-defeating in a way (in addition to having to fill out an awkwardly constructed, questionaire-like sheet with my ballot choices, there was very specific instructions.  You cannot erase.  You cannot use anything but a #2 pencil... which is weird because a human would look at it, not a machine...), I pressed on.  Though, I felt somewhat guilty voting on some of the choices.

The obvious options (President, Senator, District Representative... shout out to Elijah Cummings!, Same sex marriage, expanded gambling) were easy, as I'd read up on those all summer during my sabbatical/diaspora, as well as followed the developments via internet channels.  However, choosing who I wanted for School Board Representation wasn't easy.  I had no clue who any of the people were and I wouldn't be affected by the choices, as I was some years removed and don't have any children or extended family in the school system.  Thankfully, the internet provided a snappy detailing of the candidates (including one who is a senior at my alma mater... Yes, a 17-year-old is running for the School Board.  Only in America)

In other news, awesome girlfriend provided me with two, new Norwegian dishes.

My Take: The dish was very tasty.  It's an interesting thing with culture.  There are people who live thousands of miles away from each other and have no interaction, yet, there are a lot of dietary similarities.  I make that observation because, growing up, my mother (who learned it from her maternal  side consisting of Caribbean and Native American roots) would often stew cabbage with meat (albeit, that was usually turkey or pork... there were occasions when the meat of choice would be sheep).  Anyway, I had never quite had a meal prepared in this matter and I'm glad to have added it to my dietary experience.


My Take:  Another, awesome dish and experience.  Klubb are potato dumplings, but done in a way that is slightly different than how I've ever had them (personally, pierogies are still king).  They're a mixture of mashed, boiled potato and grated, raw potato, drizzled (or drenched... I don't have a good hand for pouring) with butter and ate alongside salted meats and beer.  

These two dishes are traditional, fall dishes that helps me to feel even more Norwegian.

oh, and shame on me for not talking about the awesomeness that is Lefse earlier... it is like a churro, but not nearly as messy and with your mouth feeling like it may cry with enjoyment.  Or something like that...

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