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Friday, June 14, 2013

Oslo Street Food Fest and IKEA (not in that order)

I was trying to get back on my regular schedule, but I spent yesterday assembling IKEA furniture.

Thankfully, it went better than this
Maybe its the close proximity to its place of origin, but I found putting together the furnishings easier than I previous had with other IKEA purchases.

Procuring the items were another matter altogether.

The IKEA we went to was in the neighboring town of Bærum.  The 20 km were traversed by a free, express, hourly shuttle from downtown Oslo.  We embarked and IKEA'd are brains out (Rather my girlfriend fiancé did as I have little no opinion on duvets and dining room table chairs) and, when we were ready to leave, found we had a little problem.

How would we get all of our stuff home?  (I won't say "furniture" because, as you know with IKEA, it was a pile of flimsy wood and bags of nuts and bolts)

The first option was to have them deliver it.  That wasn't tenable as our spending had pushed us into a higher delivery cost (Because, whenever you can incentivize people to purchase less, you always do it... Consumerism works differently here than back in the US).  Thus, we had to go with renting a car which was cheaper and went well (except for having to return the car and wait 40 minutes for the next bus to take us home... that sucked).

All in all, a good IKEA day.  I even got Meatballs!  Happy 50th birthday, IKEA - Slependen!!

Speaking of food...

The one thing I am critical about here in Norway is the food (not the homemade food... All of that has been awesome!).  You don't have to scan back over past blog posts, but yeah, I talk about it... A lot.

However, I must give it up to Oslo (well, the Mathallen) for their amazing Street Food fest.

There were between 20-30 vendors (it was a rainy day and a lot of the booth were not prepared for the downpour so there was a lot of combinations) and all types of amazing food (well, except for Norwegian Kimchi... Not Yet!).  I settled on trying various seared lamb and moose ribs (free sample, so it was like a spoonful and 1/3 a rib so I didn't get enough to make a firm conclusion on either, but I will say that seasoning is not a key feature of cuisine here) and reindeer kabob (oh have mercy, percy was it good!  I take back the "seasoning" snide remark I just made).  However, the standouts were the french dip sandwich made by an actual Frenchman (alas, the meal was created in California, but, by a Frenchmen...  That counts, right?).  How good was it?  It made me question whether or not I had ever ate a real French Dip before as nothing I'd ever tasted was remotely as good.

Then, came the two burgers...

Døgnvil (the long-standing, Oslo's #2 burger spot) offered two sliders that were mind-numbing... One was called The Dutch and it featured pickled onion, gouda cheese, and their special, burger sauce that made me sit down (which was problematic as the ground was wet... I had to walk around with wet pants afterwards).  Their other concoction was called BCN and it had grilled Chorizo, Smoked Gruyère, and herb mayo.  I began eating it and felt my insides melt.  However, about halfway through, I detected a salty element and wondered if there was some hidden ingredient I had missed.  It took me a couple seconds to realize that it was just the taste of my own tears.  It was that good.

Alt for Norge

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