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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Letter home from Norwegian Summer (camp)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Sorry for not writing more lately, I've been caught up in the summer.

Where to begin?

Well, for starters, I passed on a trip down the coast to watch boats and eat ice cream so I could write this.  It wasn't a popular decision, but I had to catch you up on everything.

There was camping in the Oslo fjord.  It was great!  If you were on Facebook, you could see my photo albums, but I'll include some here.

The fishing didn't go so well.  It took me about three, different outings to figure out how to catch actual fish and not just seaweed.

But the swimming has been fun.  It started with the water being really cold!  Like 15 Celsius (59 Fahrenheit), but, in the last few weeks, its been up to 21 (69 Fahrenheit).  Which is pretty cool.  Not so cool is that most of the beaches are rocky and don't have the easiest exit strategies.

Of course, there have been a few nights out.

But, uhmm, there was also a field trip to the old harbor town of Skudeneshavn.

The crown jewel of this old town is the old, foghorn factory which is now a store... which doesn't sell foghorns. 

I know this letter is lacking in substance, but it's hard with the great weather outside.

See you again in August!  Until then, sun only sun!


Son #2

Alt for Norge

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