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Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank you for coming to Løews and random pictures

Slow week on this end of the Atlantic... I think the most exciting thing that happened was going to the movies to see Hugo (it was outstanding!  Thanks for asking!).

Whose ready for a movie?  THIS GUY!

Contrary to Pulp Fiction, not every European film house serves beer (Oslo being in the non-serving company).  Though, when one orders popcorn, unlike in America, where a teenager will, disinterestedly, scoop out day old popcorn from a huge tumbler and hand it to you; in Norway, they just have bucket upon bucket of popcorn, pre-scooped, sitting behind glass like they were sodas at a gas station shop.

That's another reoccurring theme here... they don't believe in the illusion.  There's no presentation, it's just "here you go" (what do I mean by this?  Another example, in the states, at Starbucks or most other drink shops, there's a high counter where the barista/server will disappear behind and "perform their magic" before returning with your drink.  Here, the counter is low and there barista/server will hack and sloppily scoop/mix the ingredients before handing you your order.  Also, whipped cream isn't part of the deal!  Wars have started over less...)

Anyway, the inside of the theater looks relatively the same (not sure what I was expecting).

So that's that...  and since I have nothing else funny to say, please enjoy some pictures I took while hanging out around town (no, these aren't all from the same day):

No... I didn't rent out the whole tram.  It just feels that way.  I spent the two stops when no one was on pretending I was Denzel Washington in that movie where the train is running away... That's how good that movie was, I can't even remember the name and don't feel like googling it to reference it.  I'll stop typing now...

No... The city of Oslo is not in complete black and white.  That would be cool, right?  Anyway, here's a slightly creepy ad to drink more chocolate milk.  Steers is pimps, too, go an' brush ya shoulder off!

This is like my Ken Burns' shot... I can almost hear soft, piano music accompanying this shot

No matter how many times I see it, I always trip when I come across the "random street going through a building" building 

This graffiti artist does not care for children playing!  Though, the one kid on the right looks like he's doing the running man.  

That's it... oh, if I get enough questions, I will do a "Q&A" post next time.  You can message/post the questions on my wall on Facebook (

And, as always... Alt for Norge


  1. Nice entry Anthony... very funny and insightful indeed... but one thing... I find it remarkably odd that Norwegians drink their hot chocolate with whipped cream. It is kind of contrary to the fact of having a hot chocolate and the cream melts in two seconds anyway. Weirdos.

  2. I want to tell you two things:
    1) I have missed being able to call you when the need arises.
    2) Your blog is annoying on so many levels.
    Hope you're having fun in Norway and Elin doesn't hate you yet.
    It's 80 degrees here... feel jealous.