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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Questions and a taste of home

Nothing says home quite like home-made Cheesesteak!

Another week is in the books, dear friends.  The highlight of the past seven days definitely has to be the home-made cheesesteak (hjemmelaget ostebiffsmørbrød) that was a perfect compliment to the unseasonable, good weather (is it a bad sign when 60 degrees in March is cause for celebration?) and good times.  So thanks for that!

Now, as I've been here for a little over three months, I have accrued some questions from those of you back in the US of A... I thought I'd share some of them here.

Q: What are your plans for Summer?
- PY

Norges sommer er vakker
A: Hopefully, I will be employed and working.  Additionally, I had been thinking of doing some traveling (I hear that Trondelag is nice this time of year!).  However, after a few days of discussions, I have been invited to training camp for a Norwegian American Football team.  So, that may be my summer extracurricular (No, it's not like their NFL.  Its more recreational, but it is pads and tackles... I'll make sure to include plenty of updates on my sports blog.

Q: Where are the pics of you skiing?
- JO

A: Fine... here are two

Q: What was the craziest thing you've eaten since you've been there?

With brie on whole grain bread it is divine!

A: Sauna-cooked Moose heart... Though, aquavit salmon and other aquavit-infused meat is pretty out there, too.  Though, things with aquavit tend to be more extreme.

Q: I don't really understand about the clothing.  Do they dress just like us (Americans)?
- DS

A: I can't really explain this one... its hard because, well, I have NO fashion sense (which, in itself, I guess is a fashion style).  Though, I will point out an oddity here in fashion that I find hilarious... A company here produces imitation letterman jackets... and they're a SMASH HIT!
Don't mind these patches that say "Boys Soccer State Champs 1980"
If that's not noteworthy enough, the material is not like that of the American forebear.  These are cotton-blend, lightweight jackets as opposed to the wool-and-leather fall/winter overcoats.  Also, a lot of them have patches that say things like "State Champs 1980" or "All-Conference Boys Basketball".  Though, that shouldn't seem so strange since American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Old Navy have made a prosperous market out of doing the same thing with their clothing.

And that's that for this week (or whatever period of time before the next post)...

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Alt for Norge

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