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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snapshots from a short week

Ok... Since the Easter holiday is coming up (Spring Holiday Season for my non-Christian friends... God Påske), that means traveling for me and no regular post for you.  I know, tragic.  To ameliorate and assuage, I'm doing a mini-post.

Pictures!  LOOK!

Here is a random bag of potato chips that my girlfriend/samboer/cohabitant/partner-in-mischief/brown derby debutante/maker of awesome foods like my cheesesteak from last post, purchased.  These are not the "Ramen-flavored" chips of legend... though, they're pretty good, too.  (On a side note, I have found that "Paprika" is like a dual encompassing word here to capture both the red and green peppers, while in bell-form, and the spice that comes from said peppers being rendered into ground form, plus chili pepper... yes, I had to look that up because I had no idea how Paprika was made, either).

Speaking of the lady, on Saturday, she took me to a concert of one of my new favorite artist, Jonas Alaska.  I'm choosing to term him as "Indie Folk" and "awesome"... Here, have a listen for yourself.

yes, I understand why some of you are going, "Dude, he sounds like a Norwegian Conor Oberst".  If you don't get that reference, consider yourself either "old" or "too cool for school", but not both... (fine, I will allow for a "I'm not American" to be another option, too)

I got a new haircut... there really isn't anything funny or noteworthy to remark about it, just thought I should mention.  You can check it out below.  Yes, I feel like it makes me look like I should be in YoungMoneyCashMoney, too... I hope I'd be more Tyga than Drake :(...

No, I'm not in Marvin's Room.  Yes, that is Irish Spring Body Wash in the background...  I don't have to defend it
So yeah... enjoy the next 10 days.  When I check back in, you will have known that I survived the holiday (the trip consists of transversing the treacherous, snow-covered, Norwegian mountainous region) and the subsequent return to American Football (long story... probably will be told in detail on my other blog).

Happy Holidays!!

Alt for Norge

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